Diary entry on losing money

On a cold thursday evening, I went outside for a stroll. Since my move to Berlin, I have started taking a walk right after work is over. This day was no different from others.

I grabbed my Sennheiser headphones, grabbed my socks and put on my shoes, grabbed a jumper and a windbreaker jacker, some money (the one I eventually lost), gloves and headed out.

Once, when I was coming from the train station (der Bahnhof), I saw an asian food stand and made a mental note. Today was the day I was going to check it out. I headed towards the train station.

On getting there and placing my order, I spoke subpar German but German nonetheless. Btw, this has become my practise now speaking subpar german. One time, I even managed to get a smile out of an attendant at Edeka but that's a story for another day.

I ordered some noodles and waited; I went down to the train platform, I wanted to go there for no reason at all. So I stood around, took a picture and went back to the asian shop. My order was ready 7,50€. I paid and left.

I started heading back to my apartment. I was going to branch at the Spätkauf (late night shop), get Red bull and chips, then continue on my way home. I entered the Spätkauf and picked the items I wanted. The cashier calculates my bill and I put my hands into my pocket to get money and my pockets were empty. Howwww?? I know I took money out; 150€ to be precise. Where the fuck is it??

It turns out it must either have fallen out when I was at the asian shop or when I tried to get out my mask when I was thinking of entering Rossman to shop. I lost 150€ and a glove (just the right hand and I think honestly think it one pains me more).

That is the last money I ever lose here in Berlin, believe that!

Cheers, Chi

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