Move The Needle Just A Little Bit

There's this saying that has stuck with me for most of my life. It goes: "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean."

It testifies to perseverance and consistency.

Do something little everyday to progress.

Do something that counts towards your advancement, no matter how small, it will always come together.

I haven't read this book (Atomic Habits) but it preaches the idea of doing little of whatever you wanna make a habit everyday and watching how those small changes create big results in your life.

For me, I want to become a more consistent writer and that involves writing something everyday. I'm really tired today but I know that any little thing I do to move the needle towards my goal, it would be worth it so I'm writing this down.

I wanna leave my writing life according to these wise words from the author's newsletter:

"Don’t write to sound smart. Write to be useful. If you’re useful over a long time period, you will end up looking smart anyway."

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