My Interests in 2020

2020 has been a mafia year. Yawa left and right but we thank God we are still alive and kicking.

I've had a varying number of interests this year, more diverse than my interest in previous years. I think my quest for financial stability in the past prevented me from having interests other than programming but that has not been the case this year. Praise the Lord.

This year I've been able to develop an interest in sports, user experience and interface design, writing, investments.


I haven't played a sport in yearssss. This year, after sitting on my butt playing NBA 2k19 and my Xbox going up in flames, I decided to play basketball for real. I bought a ball and everything. It's fun and it's a way to burn calories and disgrace my friends lol. I go to the court with friends twice a week and sweat the stress away.

User experience and Interface design

As long as I've been coding, I've always wanted to know how to design. Before this year, if you gave me an arbitrary task to design and code for you, lool just expect rubbish . And I always thought the design thing was a special gene that some people have it and others don't but on May 1st, I decided wtf and signed up for 100 days of design. I created a dribble account and started creating the next day. Have a look. Shit stuffs but I'm proud of each and everyone of those designs.

In August, I got my first gig to design a website. On my own. No fees. You bet I took it(It was for a family member, not like I had a choice lol). It wasn't anything big but it's been a confidence booster that I can come up with nice designs too.


Sooooo this year hasn't been that great with writing. Tbh, most of the writing I have done (which is not alot) have been private notes. Now, with Swish Ink I wanna try to write and publish more. In the past, I've done more of technical writing on Medium and I will definitely go back to doing that but for now, whatever interests I'm paying attention to may/will be written about.


I've always been a fan of investments but now I'm taking things up a notch. I have realized that I have time on my side and with discipline, I can build a very strong portfolio by being educated about the different types and vehicles of investments there are and diversifying. I've also tried to be very intentional about where I put my money. My name isn't Chimoney for nothing. I want to make sure that I make educated and calculated risks with any investments I take on, and I never want to be afraid to lose money. It's all part of the game and I'm playing for the long haul.

I've leave you with the words of my mentor, Kevin O'leary; No matter how old you are, the day you start investing is the day you've decided to take control of your future.

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