Chronicles of an On Call Engineer: Day 6 & 7

It’s currently 10:44pm on Sunday and at 10:00am Monday morning my on-call shift will officially be over.

The weekend was very quiet. Like the past 2/3 days, I had no alerts over the weekend. No incidents for my tribe. Nada. Considering the fact that we have over ~50 deployments per week (even more) across the different squads in my tribe, our systems are functioning okay. That my friends is a testament to having great automated tests and continuous integration and delivery systems in place.

This was fun and I look forward to the oncall payout of €1000 💰

Side note: I will probably do this again in 2 weeks. I wouldn’t document daily like I’ve done for my 1st shift ever but I will write down things I learn that can be useful to someone.

Goodbye for now.

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